Damien Hubert 🇨🇭

Founder & CEO | Damien lived in Paris for thirty years, then moved to Geneva in 2002. Naturally, France and Switzerland influenced his culinary upbringing. With over fifteen years of luxury retail experience for large global brands like Hermès, Nina Ricci, and Starbucks, Damien - born in Paris, France - is the founder and CEO of La Maison Hubert since 2014.

Accomplished executive and storyteller, his uncanny ability to discover and leverage unique human talent is part of the magic behind La Maison Hubert.


Sébastien Ripari 🇫🇷

Gastronomic Concept Director & Partner | World-renowned high-end gastronomy consultant for over twenty years, Sébastien has been dubbed “The Chef Whisperer”: an indispensable friend and advisor to all the major French and International culinary movers and shakers. Born in Geneva Switzerland, Sébastien has developed unrivaled fame and expertise in the exclusive world of high-end gastronomy.

Journalist, storyteller, author, expert, and consultant to all the major industry players, he founded the Bureau d' Étude Gastronomique to support, develop and evangelize luxury gastronomy and its actors across the world. The ultimate insider, he now has the ear, affection, and trust of every major Chef and culinary artisan in the business.


Jerome Pineau 🇺🇸

Chief Digital Officer and Partner | French-born and New York City raised, Jerome stands at the intersection of technology, marketing, and digital strategy. He has consulted for a myriad of different industries where he put his extensive international experience in digital transformation, marketing, digital strategy, and customer experience to work for technology and luxury brands.

Jerome is excited to lead the digital marketing and strategy efforts of La Maison Hubert as it pioneers a unique and different kind of experiential and retail luxury.


Navid Azem

Director of Operations | Navid has spent over ten years in the luxury industry. Born in Tehran - a Middle Eastern cultural hub - and an epicurean at heart, he led international sales and marketing initiatives for world-renowned brands like Nina Ricci and Versace. Later, he created a Swiss luxury watch brand from scratch.

His expert luxury brand management experience and the extensive international network he has built up over the years are now fully engaged in helping La Maison Hubert assert its leadership in a newly-defined luxury segment.


Aurore Guiot

Customer Relations | Aurore was born in Chimay, Belgium and grew up on a farm. At five years old already, she was helping her parents run the family grocery store.

Several years later, she would train as a jewelry artist and become an expert at it, eventually creating her own brand. The connection between jewelry and high-end gastronomy might surprise some. However, both worlds share a love of precision, a need for knowledge transfer, and a passion for aesthetics. And so Aurore joining La Maison Hubert is perfectly in line with her experience and skills, helping position our brand worldwide.

alexandre le roux-La-Maison-Hubert.jpg

Alexandre Le Roux

Artistic Director | A native Parisian, Alexandre is a born epicurean with a finely-tuned palate who freely concedes a passion for all things gourmet.

During ten years in the luxury real estate business, he develops a love of classic architecture and an affinity for the quintessential French “Art de Vivre” - envied around the world.

Evenings spent re-imagining the world around a fine bottle of wine. The art of conversation and critical thinking skills enable him to bridge the various La Maison Hubert universes and ensure a coherent, creative, innovative and diverse offering.


Ziyad Mohammed

Strategic Planning & Risk Management | A supply chain and brand development expert in the luxury industry, Ziyad is a corporate and retail relationship-building executive. Originally from India and a UAE resident for thirty years, Ziyad specializes on Middle Eastern and African markets.

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