Organic Herbal Tea - Infuse-moi! (25g)

Organic Herbal Tea - Infuse-moi! (25g)


🌿 Ingredients: Rosemary, sage, marjoram, rose, and lavender.
😌 Well-being: Stimulating and aphrodisiac.
☕ One box contains 20-25 cups.
🇫🇷 Product of France.
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Feel good inside and look great outside with this 100% natural organic herbal tea hand-grown and picked in Brittany, France by celebrity herbalist Anaïs Kerhoas exclusively for La Maison Hubert. She created this formula especially for women as its effects are both stimulating and aphrodisiac!



Bring water to boil then add one pinch of herbal tea per cup. Turn heat off and cover. Infuse for up to 10 minutes.


🌿 Ingrédients: Romarin, sauge officinale, marjolaine, rose et lavande.
😌 Bien-être: Stimulant et aphrodisiaque.
☕ Une boite contient 20-25 tasses.
🇫🇷 Produit de France.
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Anaïs Kerhoas and her friends just created a new herbal mix exclusively for La Maison Hubert. And as its name suggests, this special composition has some pretty interesting aphrodisiac properties. Infuse-moi! is especially designed for women. Paradoxically, its effects are both stimulating and relaxing.

L'herboriste Anaïs Kerhoas et ses consœurs ont créé un nouveau mélange d'herbes, exclusivement créé pour La Maison Hubert.  Les propriétés de ces plantes sont aphrodisiaquesInfuse-moi! s'adresse tout particulièrement aux femmes...ce mélange est stimulant et paradoxalement apaisant, il contribue au lâcher prise.


Anaïs Kerhoas on how to best prepare and enjoy her Infuse-moi! concoction designed especially for women. / Anaïs Kerhoas explique les origines, les ingrédients, et la préparation optimale de sa dernière création pour La Maison Hubert: Infuse-moi! Une tisane développée principalement pour les femmes.