Press Release | La Maison Hubert and Beau-Rivage Hotel partner up on upcoming Carpe Diem events

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La Maison Hubert takes Geneva by storm and kicks off a new round
of Carpe Diem culinary events.

In partnership with Hotel Beau-Rivage’s flagship Michelin-starred restaurant Le Chat Botté, La Maison Hubert will offer three different Carpe Diem events. Each one will offer an opportunity to enjoy a unique and different kind of gastronomy experience.

Both family-owned brands share common values around innovation, authenticity, and humanism. The Beau-Rivage has been a Geneva landmark since 1865. La Maison Hubert is a young upstart Swiss luxury brand. Both partners will showcase local Swiss terroir culinary artists who will share their life stories and their products.

It’s those values that have motivated both brands to collaborate in a unique and exclusive partnership to promote their shared vision of high-end Swiss gastronomy and its artisans.   

And Swiss haute cuisine will definitely take center stage during this first rendez-vous. Because for the first time ever, starred Chef Dominique Gauthier has invited upcoming flamboyant Cheffe Marie Robert (Café Suisse, Bex) to collaborate on a fiery four-hands menu.

This Carpe Diem will push the boundaries of a traditional gastronomy experience as its privileged guests will embark on a culinary backstage journey culminating in the restaurant’s hallowed kitchen. Rhapsody Productions will be on hand with live concert music to complement the chefs’ own compositions, setting the stage for a  mesmerizing symphonic spectacle.

Sébastien Ripari, Alexandre Nickbarte-Meyer, Marie Robert, Dominique Gauthier, Damien Hubert, Stéphanie Vuadens

Sébastien Ripari, Alexandre Nickbarte-Meyer, Marie Robert, Dominique Gauthier, Damien Hubert, Stéphanie Vuadens

Upcoming Carpe Diem date:
Saturday October 6th, 2018 at 7PM

Restaurant Le Chat Botté
13, Quai Du Mont-Blanc 1201 Genève Suisse

CHF 250 - Main room seating, excluding wines
CHF 500 - Chefs’ table in the kitchen, excluding wines.

About Dominique Gauthier:
Born in 1967, Dominique Gauthier hails from the Grenoble-area town of Côte Saint-André where Hector Berlioz was also born. After successful stints with Michelin-decorated Chefs including Fernand Point, Jo Rostang, Georges Blanc and Jacques Chibois, he joins the Beau-Rivage in 1992.

1 Michelin star and 18/20 rating on Gault & Millau.

About Marie Robert:
Marie Robert and her partner Arnaud Gorse open le Café Suisse in Bex eight years ago. With her all-female kitchen staff, the 31-year-old Cheffe knows exactly what she wants and brings a new dimension to Swiss gastronomy.

14/20 rating on Gault & Millau.

About La Maison Hubert:
La Maison Hubert offers exclusive artisanal fine grocery products online with a focus on authenticity and well-being.  It also crafts culinary events with starred chefs and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. The luxury brand blends French “Art de vivre” with Swiss know-how while exalting the artisan heroes and their know-how through story-telling. La Maison Hubert will apply the same original concept to its network of global retail boutiques.

The Team:
Damien Hubert: founder and CEO of La Maison Hubert, is based in Geneva and hails from the world of high-end horology.

Sébastien Ripari: Gastronomic Concept Director - Paris, France.

Jerome Pineau: Chief Digital Officer - New York, USA

About Beau-Rivage:
Founded in 1865 by Jean-Jacques Mayer, Beau-Rivage has remained in the hands of his direct descendants for five generations. Today, owners Jacques Mayer and Catherine Nickbarte-Mayer can be proud of their family legacy as the hotel is one of the rare Swiss palaces left still held by the same family.

Catherine’s son Alexandre Nickbarte-Mayer, named General Manager in 2016, is the fifth generation to head the hotel. He perpetuates the establishment’s spirit with resounding passion. The hotel’s five stars are adorned by a legacy of famous historical guests. 2017 marked a new chapter in Beau-Rivage’s history as its restaurant Le Chat Botté turned 50. It is one of modern gastronomy’s flagships establishments in Geneva.

About Rhapsody Productions:
Rhapsody Productions is a private concert agency headquartered in Geneva. They will provide custom musical arrangements to complement the chefs’ own symphonies starring Élodie Bugni and Noémie Bialobroda, co-founders of  Ensemble Chagall and, respectively, members of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande and Quatuor Aviv.

Rhapsody Productions offers private bespoke concerts for individuals, businesses, foundations, and non-profits in Switzerland, Europe, and other global locations. The agency was founded by Cyril Gaurel, a professional pianist, and Jesse Anton, a digital entrepreneur and music aficionado. Together, they discover and source the best musicians from Switzerland and Europe and breathe new life into the musical world by composing multi-sensory events that bypass traditional concert venues.

Press contacts:
Beau-Rivage – - 022 716 16 16
La Maison Hubert – - 078 866 65 06
Rhapsody Productions – - 079 950 68 85

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Le Chat Botté : 022 716 69 20

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