2018 Carpe Diem Subscription

2018 Carpe Diem Subscription


The 2018 Carpe Diem Subscription entitles the bearer to 12 guaranteed seats at any of our 2018 Carpe Diem monthly events.

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Carpe Diem  are monthly La Maison Hubert culinary moments of exception organized over several days and typically including one luncheon and one dinner seating per day. These are all unique once-in-a-lifetime gatherings with very limited availability and seating for 12-25 people. A full description of this benefit is available here.

To make life easier and more fulfilling for our gastronomy-loving customers, La Maison Hubert is now offering this Carpe Diem subscription for CHF 4'900 guaranteeing twelve (12) annual seats at any Carpe Diem events of their choice. You can pick either luncheons or dinners, and you can select and combine any event of your choice. Subscription members are guaranteed seating at every La Maison Hubert Carpe Diem event. For additional details, head on over to our Lounge and read the full program description.