On September 10th in Geneva, we're changing everything...

It’s the kind of symbiotic partnership that could only happen in Switzerland, and more specifically: Geneva. A city known for international agreements, partnerships, and home to global institutions like the United Nations, the Olympic Games, and the Red Cross. A place where the Declaration of Human Rights was born. A magical, thousand year old city where people, businesses, governments, and institutions have come together unexpectedly for the betterment of humanity for generations.


On Monday September 10th 2018,  another such unexpected partnership will be announced. And it will redefine the Geneva gastronomy experience at international scale. No one could have foreseen or expected this, but the courage, the innovative spirit, and the vision it required is brought to you by La Maison Hubert and our soon-to-be-announced spectacular partner. Get ready to be surprised!


Everything is revealed on Monday September 10th, 2018 during our live press conference. So book the date, like our Facebook page to watch the press conference live, and sign up for our La Maison Hubert newsletter to find out where and what time before everyone else. Better yet: be there in person by requesting a personal invitation from press@la-maison-hubert.com

La Maison Hubert