Heroines of Taste is about Women Changing the Face of Gastronomy

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, a small but growing group of power women have begun a revolution. From Michelin-starred super chefs to local producers and growers, women are finally making a significant impact in the world of high-end gastronomy. 

And we want to recognize and celebrate this exciting #MeToo development in our industry. That's why we've started a new curated blog called Heroines of Taste to highlight and promote all the pertinent news and social media content related to women in gastronomy and all its surrounding aspects. 

All food news. All women. All the time.

Join us and celebrate these heroines as they slowly but surely change the world of food around us and all over the world - in French and English. On the web, and from all their social media channels.

We are tracking and celebrating Virginie Basselot, Anne-Sophie Pic, Annie Féolde, Dominique Crenn, Carme Ruscalleda, Clare Smyth, Elena Arzak, Ghislaine Arabian, Helene Darozze, Julia Sedefdjian, Nadia Santini, Reine Sammut, Naoelle d’Hainaut, Niki Nakayama, Noemi Honiat, Tabata Bonardi, Tanja Grandits, Emma Bengtsson, Danni Barry, Luisa Marelli Valazza, Douce Steiner, Nancy Silverton, Carla Hall, Elizabeth Falkner, Gale Gand, Amanda Cohen, Gabrielle Hamilton, April Bloomfield, Ruth Rogers, and Stephanie Izard.

We will of course add everyone else we discover in the process. Leading their brigades in the kitchens, running their restaurants, supporting other women, growing, cultivating, creating, and changing the world of gastronomy one day at a time.

So did we forget someone, or is there another Heroine we should be covering? Please send us your tips at info@la-maison-hubert.com and we'll be sure to include her as well!

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