When Gastronomy Rhymes with High-end Horology

The notion of time, so dear to us, is the fundamental connection between these two worlds: the absolute mastery of time.

One, horology, is there to serve the other: gastronomy. The former can be observed and worshipped from every mechanical gear as the seconds tick away. The latter is more often a silent keeper of time’s sovereign mysteries.

Their know-how is ancestral, and their “being” can emanate from either disconcerting simplicity or extreme complexity. Craftsmanship is king: know-how and tradition, precise movements and painstaking attention to detail while orchestrating flavors and fusing matter.


The watchmaker and the chef share the same language. They are often indiscernible maestros: if it weren’t for a piano or a workbench telling them apart. Beyond the audacity and inventiveness running in their blood, these two artisans are really on a quest to capture emotion.


Certain timepieces will always be unique, as a brand might release a once-in-a-lifetime edition. The kind only a collector can own for a fleeting moment in time.

The La Maison Hubert Carpe Diem moments you will soon discover are also fleeting in time. They never repeat or occur more than once. Which is what makes them so precious and desirable.