La Maison Hubert online shop kicks off with exceptional artisanal herbal teas.

As announced last June, our online shop is now officially open with two brand new exclusive herbal tea category products: La Belle des Bois and Infuse-moi. Both herbal tea concoctions were designed and hand-crafted exclusively for La Maison Hubert by our official herbalist Anaïs Kerhoas from Brittany, France. You will not find these anywhere else, and quantities are extremely limited.

Anaïs became a legend in her own right several years ago after a TV documentary of her life story went viral in Europe and turned her into an overnight celebrity. You can read her amazing story and how she eventually joined our La Maison Hubert family right here.

Each herbal tea box contains a digital Hubert-CERT™ certificate (think of it as a product history and traceability tracking QR code) customers can scan with a smartphone upon opening the box to get a full product history and description from Anais herself on video including her directions for storage, preparation, as well as ingredients and well-being effects. And re-ordering is easy at the click of a button too!

We will of course be adding many more herbal tea mixes from Anaïs over time. Meanwhile, you can discover the effects of La Belle des Bois and Infuse-moi right from our shop and better understand why we call these two exquisite mixes “Authentic well-being online”.

La Maison Hubert