Celebrating the Great International Women of Gastronomy

International Women's Day | March 2018

Everyday cooking responsibilities have always been assumed by women. While gastronomy - the noble arts of a welcoming table - has always been reserved for men.

So why are 25% of professional cooks women? And why are only 6% of chefs women?

Maybe because the job is more hostile and more challenging than most think. Behind the glitz and glamour, power struggles and infighting are all too common at the most prestigious of eateries. And that’s not even considering the issues related to maternity. The Association des maîtres cuisiniers de France now opens the way for women to enter the world of high-end cuisine. But only since 20 years ago!

Thankfully, mindsets are evolving. Especially since the food world is now highly mediatized. The new generation - often laden with diplomas - is now poised to enter the culinary scene gunning for the top spots. At the top cooking schools, women are also becoming a majority. Slowly but surely asserting their legitimacy.  

So is La Maison Hubert more of a male or a female personality? You can find out during one of our upcoming Carpe Diem events!