La Maison Hubert Launches Carpe Diem Corporate Events

What won't you do for your most valuable VIP clients? 

What won't you do for your most valuable VIP clients? 

What wouldn't you do for your most cherished and valuable VIP clients, right? A lot of companies have come to us recently asking about organizing VIP events. So now we do: right from our reservation center. Scroll down to the bottom and fill out Corporate Events request!

It's no secret that customer relationships are the lifeblood of successful long-lasting businesses. And although this age-old premise is being re-discovered by numerous "new-age" businesses as if it were a brand new concept, it's always been de rigueur in several industries. Most of which are heavily represented in Switzerland.

Think about these for instance: Finance, Luxury, Legal, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Private Aviation, Transportation, and Technology to name a few.  What do they all share in common?  Valuable, very high net worth VIP clients. And not only do these companies strive to retain their VIP business - that goes without saying - but they also must generate referrals to grow the business. 

Competition for VIP clients is fierce. So what's a CMO, Chief Customer Experience Officer or CEO to do? When your VIP clients already own private jets and yachts, and already travel the world, and already have access to every traditional luxury offering their hearts desire - including the finest gastronomy - what can a firm possibly offer these blasé clients unique and different enough to "wow" them?

A new kind of luxury experience, that's what! And of course, that's exactly what we created here at La Maison Hubert with our Carpe Diem events. And it's an experience even your most worldly VIP clients will never forget. 

Because it's one thing to book a corporate event at a famous starred chef's restaurant - assuming you can ask (or beg, implore and grovel) for enough seats at his location. But quite another to have the chef travel to your guests directly to cook and meet one-on-one with each of them in a small intimate, convivial, and exclusive setting. 

But if we stopped at starred chefs, that would not be enough either, would it? So we also fly out Meilleurs Ouvriers de France craftsmen (and women), and a cast of culinary artists and artisans to the event - all of which are there to share their stories and their passion with your valued VIP guests personally. Where was this vegetable grown? Why was it cut that way? Why do I cook this way? What ocean or lake sourced this fish? What grass or cornmeal did these animals eat and why? Where was this wine grown and how? It's story-telling time around a symphony of delightful and original dishes. 

 A unique moment spent with a famous starred chef in a convivial setting of your choice indoor or outdoor.

 A unique moment spent with a famous starred chef in a convivial setting of your choice indoor or outdoor.

While most gastronomic events focus only on the food - and we clearly do as well - our Carpe Diem events revolve around the human experience of meeting with and bonding with the men and women behind the dishes.

Each event is individually designed and will never occur more than once - ever! 

Ephemeral moments in time only your special guests will have had the chance to witness and enjoy thanks to you.

These once-in-a-lifetime exclusive and privileged moments are part of the La Maison Hubert difference. And the reason your VIP guests will never forget the experience. And never stop talking about it.  

Celebrated American poet Maya Angelou famously wrote:

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Ready to do things a little differently? For a unique and enchanting luxury culinary VIP experience your most precious clients will never forget, visit our reservation area, scroll down to the Corporate Events section, and send us your request.

A dedicated La Maison Hubert concierge will get right back to you so we can start planning the next Corporate event everyone in the industry will be talking about.