How La Maison Hubert thinks about luxury


People have been arguing over the definition of luxury forever. Today, we want to share our perspective on it and answer the question: What is real luxury for us?

In one of the short video clips our Studio LMH® media team recently released, you can listen to Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Fruits & Vegetables) Frédéric Jaunault explain his concept of luxury to La Maison Hubert's Gastronomy Concept Director (aka: The Chef Whisperer) Sébastien Ripari.


For Frédéric Jaunault, luxury isn't simply about "sparkling diamonds". It's about tasting and discovering quality products surrounded by human-centric stories. In other words, product alone is not sufficient.

First, it must be authentic, and therefore traceable to its roots. Second, it must be served alongside the stories of the men and women who created it from beginning to end. Some of which are tens of thousands of years in the making! The value - and its uniqueness - lies in the human aspects of the experience.

We call them Carpe Diems. Fleeting moments in time. The ultimate luxury. Time away from our daily digital chains. Time spent with friends and family. Time spent discovering, sharing, and bonding with the amazing heroes of gastronomy Haute Couture - some famous and some unsung. The exclusiveness of rubbing elbows with these elusive artists for a few momentary hours that will never - ever - occur again. That's what La Maison Hubert luxury is all about.

These fleeting moments of privileged human experiences around a cornucopia of culinary delicacies are how La Maison Hubert defines experiential luxury. A time for us to refresh, reconnect and return to our human roots.

And so we bring back this unique and breathtaking French Art de Vivre every month in a different city and location. Every time with six events during three consecutive days: one lunch and one dinner session every day.  

Every month of course with different starred chefs, different Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, and a varying cast of local culinary artists from the French and Swiss terroirs. Farmers, growers, producers, fishermen, winemakers. All assembled for you exclusively in a small group setting telling their stories, sharing their passion, and revealing their secrets.


When thinking about luxury, La Maison Hubert does not have a traditional product-oriented vision. Now let’s be very clear: the product and everything around it have to be of the highest unquestionable quality, obviously. But for us, those are table stakes. And we must go much further to innovate, to be different, and to "wow" both seasoned and generational luxury customers.

So don’t let time run out. If you or your VIP clients would like to discover our version of luxury and join us in an exclusive culinary life experience, head on over to our online reservation center and book a La Maison Hubert luxury Carpe Diem moment you will never - ever - forget.