So many ways to book a Carpe Diem!

At La Maison Hubert, we love technology especially when it makes your lives easier. Case in point: the numerous highly-convenient ways to book a Carpe Diem.

You can of course read about our Carpe Diem concept and book directly from our site’s reservation center. This will take you to our new reservation platform on Tock. Tock is a relatively new restaurant reservation platform based in Chicago, USA. They host a number of very famous establishments like Atelier Crenn, The French Laundry, Per Se, Daniel, and Noma - to name a few. We are in good company!

You can book by using your smartphone (or a scanning app, although most modern smarphones have integrated this capability directly into their camera apps) to scan our convenient Hubert-REZ® codes. This application also lets you plug a Carpe Diem date right into your calendar. Print it out or scan it on your laptop and test it!

Lastly, you can book using our mobile-friendly site at - designed to very quickly allow you to book (what am I buying?), GPS-locate (where am I going?), and save a Carpe Diem date in your calendar (who will remind me?) while quickly browsing the entire event cast (chefs and artists) (who will I meet in person?) and the menu for the upcoming event (what will the chefs make for me?). Oh, and you can also shop and discover past Carpe Diem events directly there also.

In a nutshell, there is simply no reason not to book a Carpe Diem these days. So easy and convenient. For an experience you’ll never forget!

La Maison Hubert