Introducing the Carpe Diem Annual Subscription

Your digital  Carpe Diem  subscription is entirely managed digitally from your laptop or smartphone.

Your digital Carpe Diem subscription is entirely managed digitally from your laptop or smartphone.

Carpe Diem are monthly La Maison Hubert culinary moments of exception organized over several days and typically including one luncheon and one dinner seating per day. These are all unique once-in-a-lifetime gatherings with very limited availability and seating for 12-25 people.

Our first event is scheduled for March with Michelin starred celebrity chef Jacques Pourcel and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Frédéric Jaunault where we will welcome a small group of privilege guests to a still-secret location in Geneva. In April, we do it all over again with Michelin starred chef Pascal Favre d'Anne and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Xavier Thuret - this time in Lausanne, Switzerland. For the latest details and to pre-book your seats before general availability, please visit our reservation center now. Luncheons are CHF 350 and dinner sittings are CHF 480 per person. 

To make life easier and more fulfilling for our gastronomy-loving customers, La Maison Hubert is now offering a Carpe Diem subscription for CHF 4'900 guaranteeing twelve (12) annual seats at any Carpe Diem events of their choice. You can pick either luncheons or dinners, and you can select or combine any event of your choice, and any amount of seats up to a maximum of twelve (12). Subscription members are guaranteed up to 12 seats at every La Maison Hubert Carpe Diem event. 

We will be running these events every month during 2018 - each time in a different original world location, each time with a superstar chef and full cast of culinary "behind the food" artists - Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, producers, farmers, and fishermen to name a few. A La Maison Hubert subscription is a perfect personal or corporate gift for those gastronomy and discriminating fine-dining lovers all over the world who expect convenience and availability at the click of a button.  

Why not give it a try today? Order your subscription now for a chance at gastronomic bliss month after month after month.