The Magic Behind Studio LMH ®


It's 4AM in the morning. Pitch black and cold outside. With coffee in one hand and bags of heavy equipment on their shoulders, it's just another typical morning rush for the unsung heroes of the La Maison Hubert Studio LMH® crew as they race to the next train station or the airport.

These are the men and women of the La Maison Hubert Studio LMH® crew. Their mission: to capture the digital essence of everything around La Maison Hubert and bring it back to you in the quickest, most exciting way possible. All on a moment's notice. 

You can think of Studio LMH® as our digital media platform for La Maison Hubert. In the old days, you might have called it our TV studio production center.  

From famous chefs to producers, from artisans to Meilleur Ouvrier de France. From the most remote location deep inside a French or Swiss terroir. On water, land, sea, or air. The team's unforgiving mission is simple: bring back the digital goods in the world of gastronomy wherever it is and whatever it's doing. And spare no effort digitizing everyone and anyone who matters in the vast ecosystem of La Maison Hubert's high-end gastronomy and fresh product world. 

Studio LMH® is responsible for all the live digital and video content we produce. When you discover chefs or artisans in their natural habitat - that's Studio LMH®. Footage from our exclusive Carpe Diem culinary life events? That's Studio LMH®. Everything and everyone behind the lens at La Maison Hubert has been captured and digitized by the professional video crew of Studio LMH®. 

We're always looking for top-rated digital media professionals. If you have a great luxury brands portfolio, love to travel, appreciate gourmet food, and are based in Hong Kong, Western Europe, or North America, send us a quick email at and we can talk!