Why can't you buy La Maison Hubert Champagne?

"Since 2014, we have never sold a single bottle of La Maison Hubert Champagne. 
And we never will".

When he created the La Maison Hubert concept in 2014, founder Damien Hubert made an important decision. We would never sell our La Maison Hubert Champagne, but only share it with our valued guests during special life moments. This is a unique and exclusive lifetime perk for valued members of our extended La Maison Hubert family. And we can't wait to pour a glass (or several) for you!

These special life moments are what we call our monthly Carpe Diem culinary life events. They occur only once in time - three days, six sessions, one luncheon and one dinner each day - and never repeat. 

La Maison Hubert will never charge for this Champagne. It will only pour it lovingly for its Carpe Diem guests as we celebrate life together. To live an exclusive Carpe Diem La Maison Hubert culinary life experience, visit our booking center where pre-reservations are currently being accepted for March and April 2018 Switzerland events with French Michelin starred chefs Jacques Pourcel (Geneva) and Pascal Favre d'Anne (Lausanne).

We look forward to welcoming you all to the family with a bubbly toast!

La Maison Hubert Champagne bottle label.

La Maison Hubert Champagne bottle label.