How We Select Chefs

These bespoke La Maison Hubert pins are proudly worn by all our exclusive partner chefs and artisans.

These bespoke La Maison Hubert pins are proudly worn by all our exclusive partner chefs and artisans.

People often ask us: "how do you decide which Chefs to partner with?" - Well, for one thing, we already have close relationships with over 150 of the world's greatest of the great. It took over twenty-five years to build such an amazing and unique network of superstars, and every chef in our very limited network is a confirmed legend in his or her own right. Each and every chef and culinary artisan in our extensive contact list is already anointed by Gault & Millau, Michelin, or celebrated as a "Meilleur Ouvrier de France". And more often than not, all of the above.  

At that level, Chefs are not commodities. More like Hollywood celebrities. They're the ones who decide where and whom they work with - or not. And even then, sometimes they're available, and sometimes not. In this business, it's all about personal relationships. The Chefs who work with La Maison Hubert are well past their career-building years. They're already sitting at the top of global culinary achievement.

More importantly, the chefs, artisans, and Meilleur Ouvrier de France who partner with us all share the La Maison Hubert vision. A passion for craftsmanship, creativity, for the terroirs and their products, and for sharing. They bring a lot more than their skillset and experience to our Carpe Diem events. They bring along their hearts and souls for you to discover.

We do try and bring in new talent when applicable. Especially when they reach out to us! It's nice to add variety every so often. Especially with already-celebrated upcoming talent. Something La Maison Hubert shareholder and Gastronomic Concept Director Sébastien Ripari is particularly adept at flushing out.

But with over 150 Chefs and 150 culinary artisans in our network, each experience, each event, and each gathering is guaranteed to be unique and different. And that's the "La Maison Hubert" way!